Pam Castellano

I love to be outdoors, whether in my garden or walking, preferably in green open spaces, listening to bird song and watching the antics of our amazing wildlife.  I’m not keen on jumping about or building up a big sweat, although I do know the benefits of being active and keeping myself fit and healthy.

As a Nordic walking instructor, I really want to share the benefits and joys of exercising in the great outdoors.  Over the last decade I have accumulated multiple aches and pains mostly from inappropriate exercising and almost certainly from not warming up or stretching after a guilty chocolate induced run around the block.

Nordic walking has made a big difference to my approach to exercising.  Warming up and cooling down are now well ingrained in my brain.  Nordic walking is a full body workout improving posture while removing the pressure from ankles and knees.

With a teaching background I enjoy sharing the benefits of Nordic Walking with others and matching the activity to suit everyone’s needs.